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Dell 5U VRTX 6x 1.2TB HDD 2x Dell M620P Server

Dell 5U VRTX 6x 1.2TB HDD 2x Dell M620P Server

Dell 5U VRTX 6x 1.2TB HDD 2x Dell M620P Server

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Dell 5U VRTX

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  • 2 x Dell M620P Server
    • 2 x E5-2680V2 2.5Ghz 10-Core
    • 256Gb Ram
    • 2 x 512Gb SSD HDD
    • RAID Controller
    • 2 x 1Gb Nic
    • 2 x 10Gb Nic
  • 6 x 1.2TB 10k SAS HDD
  • Dual Chassis Management Controller
  • 8 Port Active Switch
  • H800 Raid Controller
  • 3+1 Redundant PSU

Gwarancja 36 miesięcy

Specyfikacja producenta


Server node options PowerEdge M620, M640, M630, M520, M820 and M830 server nodes
Chassis enclosure Tower configuration:
48.4cm x 31.0cm x 73.0cm, Weight(empty) = 31.7kg, Weight(maximum) = 74.8kg
Rack configuration:
21.9cm x 48.2cm x 73.0cm, Weight(empty) = 24.7kg, Weight(maximum) = 68.7kg
Cooling PowerEdge VRTX comes standard with 6 hot-pluggable, redundant fan modules and 4 blower modules based on Dell Energy Smart Technologies. The fans and blowers deliver low-power consumption, but also use next-generation fan technologies to ensure the lowest possible amount of fresh air is consumed to cool the enclosure
RAID controller Single shared PERC8 with optional second redundant shared PERC8 available
Drive bays and hard drives Up to 12 x 3.5” NLSAS, SAS or SAS SSD hot-plug drives or up to 25 x 2.5” NLSAS, SAS or SAS SSD hot-plug drives. Optional FIPS 140-2 certified self-encrypting drives (SED), up to 25 x 2.5 NLSAS, SAS or SAS SSD
JBOD expansion options Chassis storage can be expanded even further by connecting up to four MD1200 (12 x 3.5” drives) or MD1220 (24 x 2.5” drives) disk arrays
Integrated networking – ethernet • Internal 1GbE 8-port pass-through module
• Internal 1GbE 24-port switch
• Internal 10GbE switch
I/O slots • 3 full-height/full-length slots (150W) with double-wide card support (225W)
• 5 low-profile/half-length slots (25W)

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